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New Layout [01|31|06 @ 10 PM]
New layout. =) Thanks spiralbound!! Yuckk, I haven't updated my blog in a longggg time, maybe when I have more time. I mean I have 3 blogs so eehhh. x.x
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More Icons. =) [12|16|05 @ 05 PM]
More icons. Picturs from foto_decadent. Please credit.

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Blah. [11|19|05 @ 09 PM]
[ mood | Life is Crappy ]

On Friday, at lunch, Justine told me that she was going to set me up with Thaddeus. He wanted to talk to me but at lunch, he said he was busy, which wasn't true because he was being crowded by these older girls..

After school, Justine said that Thaddeus was going to speak to me. And that he was waiting all day. So I was going down the stairs and my sister had to tell me something, and he was WAITING for me downstairs. It made me smile a bit but I didn't show it. In the basement, all three of us sat down. We had to talk to each other. I said Hi, he said Hi. I began to blush a bit and then a VERY uncomfortable silence besides Justine blabbing to us. I started to leave but Justine pulled me back so HE could leave first. So we follow behind him and go outside our separate ways. After I thought about it, it seems like we won't speak to each other. I mean, we used to have great conversations but now we don't. I know I still like him but what now?

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Life Sucks Anway, So Why The Hell Care? [10|29|05 @ 12 AM]
[ mood | Thaddeusful ]

Hello world! I've finally made a new LJ user account. ^^; I'll tell you about my daayy.

I woke up a little too late today - 8:25AM. And school starts at 8:45. I didn't have the alarm on. Gosh, so I was hurrying and my dad started yelling at me for being so darn late. I luckily made it to school on time. We had math, I got 4 questions wrong because I copied the question down wrong. x_x We had recess and it was freezing outside. So we had Social Studies and Language Arts before lunch. -punches- At least, I got my questions write. At lunch, my friends and I stayed in the artroom to finish our art. (We had to draw plants and colour with pastels - shading.) We were having a lot of fun telling each other our deepest secrets in the empty room. ^^ So after lunch, I got to miss 1 period so me and other people had our 'Safety Patrol' training. It was quite fun, we got to go outside (without our jackets. brrrrr.) to see experienced safety patrols do their job. I noticed that Thaddeus kept glancing my way, yhhergggggh. You know, I truly really like him, if you know what I mean. Anyway, after that, we got to go home because we ahve Fridays off early. Buuuuut, I had Chinese Class for THREE freakin hours, sitting on my bum writing. Well, that's all I could remember. Good Night!

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